Watermark photos and videos with your logo, text and more

The super easy-to-use watermark App supports both photos and videos, and will never reduce the quality of your origianl photos and videos. You can easily design your own watermark with your logo, name, signature with different colors, opacity etc. Also provides rich fonts, cliparts for using. It is fun and really handy.

Features you will like

Rich fonts and cliparts are ready to use

Easily choose from a lot of beatiful fonts and cliparts.

High resolution as it should be

It will keep the hi-resolution of your original media.

All photos and videos

Supports both photos and videos, watermark anything you want. Squre or full size, it's your call.

Fully customized

Size, color, opacity, angle, position can all be changed, easily.

Export or share, one tap

Allows you to save templates and apply to any media directly, save the watermarked photos and videos or share them to Instagram, Vine directly.


Contact us: support@candybayapp.com